Oct 08, 2018

Leadership Summit Agenda

9:00 am / keynote / Creating a Culture of Digital Well Being
10:10 am / breakout sessions / EPIC: The Mentor and Sponsor Impact or Entrepreneurs: First Steps, Your Ecosystem, & Capital
11:10 am / keynote / Communicating as Champions for Gender Parity
12:00 pm / lunch
1:10 pm / keynote / Decoding Team DyNAmics
2:10 pm / breakout sessions / Find Your Failure: Mental Health for Success or Creative Problem Solving Through Design Thinking
3:10 pm / keynote / Communities of Excellence



9:00 am /  keynote

Mark OstachCreating a Culture of Digital Well Being

Sick of constantly checking your phone? Find yourself scrolling through Facebook only to see disturbing images and tragic news? Then you’ve probably experienced bursts of i-Drenaline – the 21st-century neurotoxin that’s robbing us of the peace, joy and meaningful connections we all crave. Find out how your devices impact your mind, body and spirit.

Mark Ostach - EPIC Toledo Leadership Summit Speaker

About Mark: Mark has been compulsively checking his phone for over a decade. He finally mustered up the courage to do something about it. A man of many interests and a wellspring of energy, he is on a mission to teach people healthy digital habits.

Mark holds degrees in economics, psychology, technology, and even had a short stint at massage therapy school. He is determined to remind the world that human connection is the most powerful connection we have.
A recipient of Crains Detroit Business 20 in their 20s and Oakland County’s 40 under 40 awards, Mark has experienced first hand how technology impacts the mind, body and spirit.

With an expertise in digital wellness and an understanding of millennials through his work at Skidmore Studio, he speaks often on the topic of digital wellness, the future of work, and conscious leadership.

10:10 am /

Dr. Lisa Dubose – EPIC: The Mentor and Sponsor Impact

Dr. Lisa Dubose EPIC Toledo Leadership Summit Speaker There is EPIC (enable, prepare, inspire, counsel) Value to collaborating with more senior level colleagues and peers, in a mentorship or sponsorship relationship.
A mentor or a sponsor may impact the professional trajectory of young professionals in the workplace. We will discuss the potential benefits and pitfalls of mentors and sponsors.

About Lisa: Dr. Lisa E. Dubose, is a dually certified in the field of Human Resources as a Senior Professional Human Resources by the HR certification institute; a Senior Certified Professional by the Society for Human Resource Management, & is also a Certified Affirmative Action Professional. Dr. Dubose serves as the Director of Employee Relations, Professional Development, & EEO & is also a Deputy Title IX Coordinator within the Office of Human Resources at Bowling Green State University (BGSU) where she also directs the annual HR Leadership Academy. With over 25 years of experience, Dr. Dubose previously served as Chief Diversity Officer, Interim Vice President of Human Resources and Interim Vice President of Labor at Owens Community College; & the Director of Human Resources for Housing Authorities in Toledo & Detroit for over nine years. Dr. Dubose has a Bachelor, Business Administration & Master, Educational Leadership degrees from UT & Dr. Dubose earned a doctorate in leadership from BGSU.

Christopher Smith –  Entrepreneurs: First Steps, Your Ecosystem, & Capital

Chris Smith - JumpStartIn this session, we will cover what first-time entrepreneurs should consider, what JumpStart does, our entrepreneurial ecosystem, and what’s coming to Toledo. We will also discuss access to capital and Christopher will share his journey of entrepreneurship.

About Christopher: Christopher Smith serves as the senior onboarding resource for applicants seeking services and/or investment from JumpStart and its network of partners. His role involves engaging with early-stage and small business clients, identifying their service needs, providing value-added feedback, maintaining continued engagement with clients and partners to track continued progress made and making referrals within JumpStart, within the NEO ESP Network and to our other external services partners.
Prior to JumpStart, Christopher worked in economic development helping small businesses as the Small Business Development Program Coordinator for Operation HOPE. In this capacity, he spearheaded program implementation, formed strategic alliances, helped individuals develop business plans, identified business needs, provided resources within NEO’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and provided credit and money management counseling.


11:10 am / keynote

Rachel Bauer – Communicating as Champions for Gender Parity

Our session will focus on effective communication about gender issues in the workplace. This session will provide attendees with the tools and language needed to have meaningful, professional conversations with their colleagues and to act as allies for gender equity.

Rachel Bauer EPIC Toledo Leadership Summit SpeakerAbout Rachel: Rachel Bauer is the Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Gild Collective. She has an undergraduate degree from Kent State University and a Master’s degree in Higher Education Administration from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Rachel began her career in postsecondary education administration and student advising, which allowed her to hone her skills in diversity training, curriculum development, and success coaching. In working primarily with non-traditional students in a predominantly female field, Rachel began to foster her passion for elevating and advancing women on their paths to success however they define it. As the creative officer for Gild, Rachel manages all curriculum design and facilitation. In addition to Gild, Rachel is busy raising her 7 month old daughter, Louise, in Cincinnati with her husband, dog, and cat.

12:00 pm / lunch

1:10 pm / keynote

Sara Best – Decoding Team DyNAmics

Effective collaboration is simple in theory, but difficult to practice- otherwise we’d all be having tremendous success working in teams. Is there a secret to high performing teams? Yes! There is a formula and we’ll take time in this session to de-code the DNA needed to take team to the next level.

Sara Best - EPIC Toledo Leadership Summit SpeakerAbout Sara:  Sara Best is an energetic speaker, facilitator, trainer, and coach with a passion for the people side of business. For over 25 years, she has helped individuals, teams, and organizations create performance breakthroughs and boost their bottom lines.

Best believes there is a simple science to people. People challenges are business challenges in the workplace and most often they have to do with goodness of fit with job expectations, and a leadership that understands how to maximize each person’s drives and behaviors.

Best uses people data to unlock (and unleash!) the potential your employees already have. Her mission is to help people, teams, and organizations boost results and fulfillment.

She is a certified Emotional Intelligence Assessment Administrator and Practitioner of The Predictive Index. She holds a bachelor’s degree in social work from The Ohio State University and a master’s degree in administration from Eastern Michigan University.

2:10 pm / breakout sessions

Eric Chase – Find Your Failure: Mental Health for Success

Get A’s, win championships, attain the most followers, be the top earner, get promoted!

Common professional and social rhetoric.

Perhaps the best way to actually achieve those aspirations is to seek failure and evade comfort zones. Failure is where you’ll hone the coping mechanisms that can ultimately lead to personal and professional success.

Eric Chase - Leadership Summit EPIC Toledo SpeakerAbout Eric: Eric Chase has spent his entire 20-year career in the constantly changing broadcast media landscape. From tabulating phone request sheets and alphabetizing CDs (C what!?) to managing creative staffs on award winning radio stations and implementing nationwide corporate initiatives for local success, Eric’s media experience has reached far beyond the frequency you punch on a button.

Along the way, a bipolar II diagnosis led him to encounter troubling and even at times macabre feelings that sometimes made just getting to work a futile task.

Without fear of stigma and through helpful counseling, discovering the right medication and other meditative-type remedies Eric has thrived professionally and personally and has become a leading advocate for mental health awareness in Northwest Ohio. Eric aims to help you utilize his coping techniques so that you may achieve your own personal triumph.

Dr. Jerry Schnepp – Creative Problem Solving Through Design Thinking

Design Thinking is an approach to problem-solving that involves gathering insight, brainstorming, prototyping, and iterating. It is used in many contexts to facilitate creativity and innovation. Attendees to this presentation will learn how to integrate design thinking into their workflow to solve problems and effectively communicate solutions.

Jerry Schnepp - EPIC Toledo Leadership Summit Speaker

About Jerry: Jerry Schnepp is a technologist, designer and creative problem-solver. He is an Associate Professor of Visual Communication Technology in the College of Technology, Architecture and Applied Engineering at Bowling Green State University. He teaches courses in Interactive Media, User Experience and Digital Photography. He is also the director of the Collab Lab: a hands-on, creative space for students and faculty to engage in collaborative work. Its goal is to support teams of innovators working together to conceive, create, develop and refine new ideas that leverage the unique talents inherent in the university community.



3:10 pm / keynote

Angela Brandt & Robin Whitney – Communities of Excellence

In 2017, Toledo was chosen as one of the first 10 cities to participate in the Communities of Excellence national learning collaborative. The goal: to strengthen the effectiveness and overall community prosperity of Toledo’s effort in the areas related to the key measures of community health and well-being.

About Angela: As chief operations officer, Angela Brandt manages both the business and clinical operations of ProMedica Physicians as well as revenue cycle and value-based initiatives. She has played a crucial role in the growth and development of the group by strengthening provider recruitment, orientation, retention, and engagement. Angela is a veteran of the United States Navy and is active in the metro Toledo community as a volunteer and board member. In 2017, she was selected as one of 16 executives in the United States to be a Baldrige Executive Fellow. Angela has a bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration and holds an executive MBA from Case Western Reserve’s Weatherhead School of Management.



About Robin: Robin Whitney is chief strategic planning, business development and real estate officer for ProMedica. In this role, she is responsible for all strategic planning, business development and real estate for the organization, which includes 13 Acute Care Facilities in NW Ohio and SE Michigan and more than 450 Post Acute Care Facilities in 30 States. Robin received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Toledo in civil engineering and is a professional engineer in the State of Ohio. She received her EMBA from Bowling Green State University. Robin’s previous experience includes working with The Lathrop Company, Dillin Corporation, and the City of Toledo.

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