Aug 31, 2022

EPIC Toledo | Member Highlights

Get to know your EPIC Toledo members through our member highlights! A new spotlight will be posted every month.

Malena Caruso | EPIC Toledo Advisory Council Member

Malena is a Wellness Specialist at ProMedica and has been involved in EPIC Toledo for 5 years.

What brought you to Toledo and what has kept you here?

I moved to Toledo in January of 2013 to work for WTVG. Toledo was my “drive-by city” as I use to say. Toledo was my halfway point between attending graduate school at Northwestern University and my parents house in Akron. The Toledo community welcomed me with open arms and opportunities to grow and have a positive impact where I leave. Now, Toledo is home. I’m excited to start the next phase of my life here when I get married in the fall of 2023.

What keeps you involved in EPIC Toledo?

The excitement of being a part of the growth within our region keeps me involved with EPIC. I am the chair-elect for EPIC Toledo and I look forward to leading our efforts to engage our young professionals and inspire change.

What leadership skills have you learned from being involved in EPIC Toledo?

I’ve learned to be a leader who listens more than she talks. To truly listen to and hear people so they feel heard and seen. I’ve learned that relationships are the foundation to any type of personal or professional success. I’ve also learned more about myself, strengths and opportunities for improvements, through the different experiences I’ve had with EPIC.

At which EPIC Toledo events did you learn these leadership skills?

The EPIC Toledo Leadership Summit. This annual conference is filled to the brim with leadership training and professional development. As a past chair of this event, I know how much thought, time and energy is put into making this a day what will leave young professionals with tangible takeaways to grow their skillset.

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