Grounds for Success - Supercharge Your Goal Setting



Think of the goals you have set for yourself in the past.  Did you reach them?

The promise of a new year allows us to start off with a fresh mindset - providing us with time to create goals and plans we hope to accomplish. More often than not, one if not all of those goals get pushed to the back burner because, well, “life happens.” Why do most goal setting missions fail? 

Supercharge Your Goal Setting will teach you not only how to effectively set goals, but the process involved to actually achieve them. Discover the underlying emotions associated with your goals and design a plan that produces the (e)motivation necessary to achieve them.

Andy Hudak, Investment Advisor at TransAmerica Financial Advisors, teaches the foundation of successful goal setting to his team members, clients, and peers. He stresses the importance of the missing link in goal planning. WHY are your goals actually your goals? Specifically, he will help you dig into the emotional motivators/triggers that drive you to accomplish a goal. Using his expertise, you will have the tools and resources to form a massive action plan that you can immediately use to achieve your 2020 goals.

Join EPIC Toledo and Andy Hudak (former EPIC advisory member) at our January Grounds for Success – to Supercharge Your Goal Setting and set yourself on a path for a successful 2020.

**This event is for EPIC Members**