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 Connect Tech:  Connecting you with emerging tech trends

From the curious business professional to the side gig enthusiast or technology expert, Connect Tech is an opportunity to discuss emerging trends in technology as they relate to your daily life.

Hosted at the Anderson’s, the event will center around roundtable topics that you can self-select based on your knowledge of the theme, blockchain. There will be discussion levels for everyone, from beginner to expert. This emerging trend will impact the way we vote, bank and store personal information online. It has been described as, “the future of the internet.” Blockchain is creating extraordinary opportunities for businesses to come together in new ways. It can help free up capital, lower transaction costs, speed up processes, and provide security and trust.

From finance and banking, to logistics and HR, blockchain will revolutionize the way in which we interact with the internet. If you deal with personal client and customer data, you will need to learn about blockchain’s impact on how you protect their personal information and Connect Tech is the perfect opportunity to be introduced to the topic, or delve deep into practical applications.

Find here a list of roundtable topics and moderators.  Curious about how blockchain may impact your business?  Watch this video.

The basics of Blockchain: Pete Emahiser (CEO of Tadmore Transportation)

Blockchain Tech Startups: Max Sikorski (Blockchain Entrepreneur)

Blockchain in Agriculture: Blake Hertzfeld

How Blockchain Could Change Governments: Zach Martin (Crypto Investor)

Financial Markets and the Blockchain: Jacob Vugrinac  (Founder of PolyBlock Investments)

What you need to know about Crypto Mining: Nicholas Craig (CTO/Owner of 419 Mining, LLP)

Designing User Experiences with Blockchain: Keith Instone (Founder of Dexterity User Experience)

Intellectual Property for Blockchain: Doug Miller 

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