EPIC Toledo Boss Talk with YWCA Milestones



EPIC Toledo Boss Talk  | Panel Session with YWCA Women on the Rise Winners

April 11 | 8:00 - 9:30am 

Tol House, Lucille's Jazz Lounge | 1447 N. Summit Street, Toledo Ohio 43604 

Cost: $15 and includes a continental breakfast

In our EPIC Boss Talk Series, a small group of emerging leaders will get the opportunity to hear from leaders who are making an impact in our community. Each session will feature a different community leader. Space is limited for these sessions and are exclusive to EPIC members.

In this session of the Boss Talk Series, we will feature the YWCA Milestone Award Winners in the Women on the Rise Category. Join us for this panel Q+A session and meet award winners Lauren Scott, Kendra N. Smith and Erin Baker who were recognized for the impact they are making in our community. Learn more about these transformative leaders and change agents as they discuss their involvement in the community and how emerging leaders can play a role and make an impact.