EPIC Toledo Boss Talk with Bryan Blair





EPIC Toledo presents Boss Talk - conversations with leaders who exercise strength, passion and understanding for the greater good. Learn about their career path, the trials they have faced and how they have seen success through their professional lives. 

A small group of emerging leaders will get this EPIC opportunity to hear from leaders in our community in discussion based sessions. Each session will feature a different community leader. If you are interested in hearing from a specific leader, sign up!

Space is limited for these sessions and are exclusive to EPIC members

Join us for our first Boss Talk of 2024 with the University of Toledo's Athletic Director, Bryan Blair.

Bryan will share a bit about his journey through his rapid rise to success in the dynamic world of athletic administration. In this EPIC member exclusive event, Bryan will share the challenges he faced in his career, shedding light on the valuable lessons learned and the strategies that propelled him to his current position and helped shape his leadership philosophy.

Whether you're a young professional aspiring to make your mark in the sports industry or someone looking to contribute to the growth of the Toledo region, this session is an invaluable opportunity to gain insights from a seasoned professional. Bryan Blair will share his advice and perspectives on how young professionals can thrive in their careers and within the Toledo Region. 


  • February 13, 2024 | 11:30am-1:00pm
  • $20 to attend - EXCLUSIVE TO EPIC MEMEBRS
  • Lunch is included for attendees 
  • Program will include networking, a short presentation from Bryan and a Q+A  discussion session to give attendees the opportunity to get to know Bryan!