Mar 25, 2020

Staying Productive & Connected

With the rapidly changing news and information surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies are urging employees to work remotely to flatten the curve and slow the spread of this virus. Many now have to adjust to work situations that are new to them. Creating an environment from home that allows you to remain productive and connected to your team is vital during this time. Here are some tips to achieve both productivity and connectivity while you and your team work from home. 

1. Have a dedicated at-home work space

While working from home, it may be tempting to work right from your bed or on your couch, which often allows for many more distractions. Having a dedicated space that allows you to spread out your materials will help you focus and be much more productive than you would be on your couch.

2. Create to-do lists

It’s important to do the same things at home that you do in the office, and that includes making a to-do list. When you sit down to start your day, create a list of things you aim to accomplish. Plus, it can be motivating to physically cross things off your list. Keep yourself accountable and stay on track with your company goals, creating tasks that align with what work needs to be prioritized first.

3. Use online collaboration tools to easily connect with your team

It may get frustrating to not be able to walk over to your coworker’s cube and collaborate over new ideas and projects. Utilizing online tools like Slack or Google Hangout is a good way to brainstorm right from your computer/mobile phone. Have your team sign on to one of these platforms at the start of your day so you can easily and quickly communicate.

4. Hold regular check-ins/updates with your team

Due to social distancing recommendations, it will get frustrating to not be able to collaborate in the same space as your team. While your team is working remotely, it still remains important to check in and ensure everyone is on task and working toward the same goal. Utilize programs like Zoom or Skype and have your meetings over video call. You can also use programs such as for project management and Microsoft SharePoint for file sharing. By having regular check-in meetings, you are able keep one another accountable and it gives your team a chance to collaborate and create plans for projects.

5. Take breaks – make room in your day for you

It’s more important now than ever to prioritize your health, both physical and mental. Instead of zoning out on social media for 15 minutes and draining your motivation, take advantage of your new work environment and get some fresh air by taking a walk around your block. Your mood will improve and you’ll feel more motivated – and creative – when you return back to your remote work space.

EPIC Toledo and the Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce understand that with all of the unknowns of COVID-19, you may experience increased stress and anxiety levels. We hope these tips help create a healthy and happy home work environment.

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